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I'd like to introduce myself again to you because I know there are plenty of you who are new and may not know anything about myself, my life, or my business. I am 33 years old, a wife of 10 years, and a momma to 2 boys: a sweet & quirky introverted little 5 year old boy, and a... "spirited" 3 year old boy. I'm literally laughing as I'm typing this because my 3 year old is so hard to explain. I call him my "sour patch kid" because he's the sweetest little boy on the planet who in a second turns in a screaming meltdown toddler that will kick you in the shins and then batt his long eyelashes at you and say "sorry mommy". Remember the sour patch kid commercials?! Yup, thats my baby.

I live in Virginia Beach, VA and enjoy breathing in the salty fresh air. I currently am a stay at home momma, while at the same time trying to keep my kiddos engaged in their virtual online learning and keeping my business running smoothly. My husband works as a District VP for our local YMCA's and so during the day, I am a one woman show! With my business, I handle everything from design, to ordering supplies, financials, creation, photography..., bookeeping, everything!

I started making bracelets for myself almost twenty years ago because I could not find bracelets in stores that fit my petite wrists. I started off making casual jewelry with supplies from my local craft store and honestly looking back on photo's of some of these, I cannot believe I sold any at all. Seriously, they were not cute, they weren't high quality, and I am a little embarrassed that I sold them, haha. But I had no clue back then what I know now about jewelry making. I was young and inexperienced and just having fun crafting. Did I mention I am self taught? I had zero guidance and didn't know the difference between gold plated vs. gold filled at that point and I knew absolutely nothing about running a business or how to file taxes or how to take a beautiful product photo. Everything I know now, I taught myself. I read books, practiced and practiced (literally for years). I studied how to's from books and online information. I stalked my favorite jewelry designers websites to see what they were doing and what their designs were like (this is before facebook & Instagram!).

To see where I am now in comparison to where I started fills my soul up with feelings of pride & happiness. Outside of the love I have for my family, there is nothing I love more than creating beautiful bridal pieces & jewelry for you with only the best quality materials & tried and true designs that will last a lifetime.

I'm happy you're here and can't wait to start using my blog to start journaling a little behind the scenes into my life, jewelry making, and being a woman entrepreneur/momma! Thanks for reading!

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