2020: The Best of Me

After taking a little break from the blogging portion of my website in the last year to focus more on my family & still leave me with enough time to fulfill orders and expand our wholesale & retail markets, I am so happy to be back at full steam! I enjoy writing and connecting with you all and can't wait to start sharing some more stories, behind the scenes projects, and personal experiences I face as I continue my journey as a female business owner.

"The best of me is yet to come". From here on out, I am promising to myself (& to you) that everything I do daily or weekly right now will help mold me into the best version of myself in the days and weeks to come. Hey, I typed it out, I'm publishing it on my blog, so I have to keep my promise now, right? My word means nothing if I can't follow through on promises that I make to myself. So here I am, at the beginning of 2020 (okay its well into March by now, but I've been gearing up for this all of 2020 so far), and I'm ready, so ready, to get back to my daily grind. I've missed pouring my soul into jewelry creations and the handcrafting process of putting together tiny little intricate details to create beautiful pieces that my brides and customers cherish. My daily focus/goals, my creative processes and my connection with all of you are 3 things I have missed greatly.

For the past year or two, I have maintained my shop's daily on-going business and kept fulfilling orders, taking on some custom work, keeping my Instagram feeds alive & fresh, but beyond that I have been truly just coasting. I've been doing just enough to stay in the game and relevant without pouring anything extra into new designs or growth. While my sales are still coming in pretty consistently, I'm selling basically my top sellers over and over and over. I used to spend hours and hours dreaming up new items and designing new styles to offer. My etsy shop pretty much runs itself. I don't have to put forth much effort to "get the sale". My shop speaks for itself and is stocked with beautiful images and jewelry items that brides' can't resist. Because my personal life (life with 2 totally insane & yet adorable little boys) hoarded my extra energy, my business has been on cruise control. I do not one bit regret the step back that I took, because its what my boys needed at the time. Now, they are 3 and 4.5 and even though their life has not at all slowed down and they don't need mommy any less, I do have a little more time to devote back to my business (i.e after 830pm when they finally fall asleep, and at 4am before they wake up). But still, I'm missing going full force with my creativity and I feel a little part of me that is suffering without it that outlet.

It's trendy now to talk about "self care", and how making sure you take the time to do whatever it is to calm yourself, decompress, center your mind is so important for your mental health. For me, my "self care" is getting lost in something creative. I used to get lost in creating for hours and when I finally came up for air, hours had passed like it was nothing. Sure, I love a hot bubble bath & a good sheet mask every now and then but what my SOUL needs is to pursue my dreams and my passions and let my creativity flow again.

So, in 2020 I have big plans to kick everything up a notch! This goes for both my storefronts (My bridal website here at www.alichristinebridal.com and for my new casual jewelry line which for now I'm selling on my bridal website until I decide if I want to separate it or keep everything here together.)

I'll be giving away more products (I've already given away 5 items on my casual jewelry IG account @alichristinejewelry this year!) & I'll be designing a whole new collection of beautiful pieces for y'all to enjoy. I'll be raffling off money to engaged brides to spend in our shop, & I'll be offering more sales/promotions than ever. I'll be rewarding all of you for referring brides to me, & I'll be expanding my new casual jewelry line even further; I am so excited about this! I'll be doing my part to spread kindness, inspiration as a female entrepreneur, a mom, and I'll be getting a little more real with my followers.

Make sure you are following along with me so you don't miss out! Here are all of my links:

WEBSITE: www.alichristinebridal.com (for now, selling both bridal & new casual jewelry items here)

ETSY: www.etsy.com/alichristinebridal

INSTAGRAM (Bridal): @AliChristineBridal

INSTAGRAM (Casual): @AliChristineJewelry

FACEBOOK (Bridal): @AliChristineBridal

FACEBOOK (Casual): @AliChristineJewelry

Thank you for your continued support of my small business and I can't wait to start interacting with you more!

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