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Well, this is it! The first of hopefully many blog posts that I will be making on behalf of Ali Christine Bridal. Here, I plan to update all of my currrent brides and followers with new items, customer photo's, DIY's, wedding inspiration, and other ahhhh-mazing things I come across to keep you in the know!

First, a little about me...

My name is Alison Heinecke. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio in a family with 3 sisters and an awesome mom & dad. I have always had a creative side, which is where my love of handmade began! Now, I am living in Lexington, South Carolina with my husband, Todd, and our adorable little boy, Kaden Paul. I am in the midst of living my happily ever after, and I hope to be a part of yours!

My handmade business...


When I say I hope to be a part of your happily ever after, of course I do not mean I want to invade into your life.... in fact, that would be totally outside of my comfort zone! I have a wildly creative mind that is always going & dreaming up new ideas, but really I am an introvert in a social setting. My handmade business is the spark in my life that gives me that high of doing something that you truly enjoy. I love and appreciate each of my customers & enjoy helping them create the perfect bridal look. Seriously, if you cannot find a specific jewelry or hair accessory that you have seen on Pinterest or in a magazine to purchase, I encourage you to send me those photo's! In most cases I can create something similar & add in your own customizations such as size, length, color, metal finish, etc! That's the beauty of handmade: You get to be a part of the design process!

I have been designing bridal jewelry and accessories since 2008. I have been in the bridal business for just under a decade now. I am self taught, and have mastered my skills with an enormous amount of trial and error on top of an extensive amount of time spent creating and developing a process for each piece that I design. Mastering my handmade product has been the most rewarding set of skills that I have developed. Over the last few years, Ali Christine Bridal has exponentially taken off. I am almost not able to breathe at times but I wouldn't have it any other way! My mind goes to my "happy place" when I am elbow deep in hundreds of crystals, pearls, rhinestones, and I am battling fingers caked in jewelers glue & dropping beads all over the floor. This may sound like madness to you, but its' so peaceful to me. I literally can get lost in creating a piece for someone for hours and hours, paying attention to every detail, and ensuring each bead is placed perfectly into position.


I am a top seller of bridal jewelry and hair pieces on Etsy, and my shop can be found at www.alichristinebridal.etsy.com. You can read hundreds of 5/5 star ratings from real brides and feel confident in the quality of my work.

I am a preferred vendor of RECEPTIONS. You can view their list of local vendors in the Cincinnati, Ohio area that are a part of our group here: http://receptionsinc.com/weddings/wedding-vendors/

Connect with Me:


Pinterest: @alicbridal

email: alichristinejewelry@live.com

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